The Lonely EP

by Little Bat

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I considered calling them the Sister Songs because I feel like they all hold a similar vein of melancholy through them, but I guess it's up to listener's interpretation. Enjoy.


released May 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Little Bat Melbourne, Australia

small human w shitty mixing skills and like,, 3 guitar chords????

they they they said

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Track Name: Sei
distracted, you're staring- trying to forget your own head
come closer, I'm calling
leave behind bad memories- the needles have been blunted
please save me, you're calling

captive princess, baby boy, doesn't have a real home
just sunken eyes, sallow skin

defeated, you're smiling- they're singing just for you
not long now, you're sighing
closed eyes and aching bones, your throne is decomposing
unlock the key to the heart

brother blue with eyes the size of the moon
please don't be late this time
white lies and glass window panes
long halls and laboratories
Track Name: Ode to Cobain
I have no motivation
it'd be easier if I grew into a forest
my knees are scarred with memories
like bruises refuse to fade

these veins have distended
with floods of regret
blue and dead

he said it's better to burn out than to fade away
but I don't think I' in control anymore
becoming more of a ghost
with each passing day

your absence has left a marathon
of thoughts I've been forced to run

he said it's better to burn out than to fade away
but my shadow is engulfing me
the stars in my eyes have died
and people forget my name.
Track Name: They Tell Me Age is Just a Number and I Feel 84 Years Old
can't explain the thoughts I find myself caught up in
irrational and oversensitive I'm overcompensating for the damage I leave
in my wake

and if you knew me you would know that I'm stuck in the past
stuck in the past trying to decipher old love
and if you knew me you would know
sometimes I think too hard I overthink
I ruin everything

and it's a shame I'm caught up in my own selfish thoughts
can't even feel can't even cry can't shake the numbness that I feel in my bones
I'm growing old

I'm growing old I'm growing old I'm growing old
Track Name: I'm Nothing if Not Honest
eyes wide shut and I wanna go home
a city full of people, but I wake up alone.
perhaps if I could muster up the courage to leave my house
I'd find a reason not to be so disenchanted
with everything I've become

I'm losing a dying game, say I'm happy
but I'm tired and I'm angry
I cannot be content unless I'm miserable
a walking contradiction and I'm so tired of this fact

held on to such a stale pain for so long
it feels like I've forgotten what anything else feels like
I'm so over this grief, I'm so over the scorn
want to run away want to escape
everything I've become

a lack of confidence and I'm trembling with shame
wish I knew how to ask for help without my pride in the way
'cos when you're small everything is a game
now I'm older and I'm tired of playing pretend.